Tsugaru menoe'



In ancient era, among the nations believing Buddhism, people built pagodas in which Buddha's holly ashes were placed and worshiped. ...people built pagodas in which Buddha's holly ashes were placed and worshipped.Pagodas were seen in many Asian countries, but not all pagodas had actual Buddha's ashes inside. Instead, people placed beautiful glasses, beads as "Busshari" which means "Buddha's holly ashes".Tsugaru is famous product area of beautiful precious stones and agate, and many of them were used as 'busshari". It was stated in old documents.


What's "tsugaru"?


"tsugaru" is old address for Aomori prefecture where places northen region of Japanese main land. In Edo era, Tsugaru family has been ruling this area(1650-1871). In winter, It has tough weather with heavy breeze and snow. It's full of nakid nature, one of them is "Shirakami mountains" as world heritage", main industries are agriculture and fishing. A summer festival "Nebuta" is so famous, usually attract about three million people. 




 Our accessories are made by that Tsugaru agate, beads, jasper and petrified wood. They were born more than thousands years, matured in ages. Has simple but eternal beauty, even we can feel dignity in it.

 Enjoy encounter with Precious stones, one and only from eternal tunes..